The Fantasy Sports Gaming Network is proud to announce its new drafting service – DraftPros. Have an upcoming fantasy draft? Have a work meeting, doctor appointment, vacation or just want to have a competitive edge in your league? Let our DraftPros help you. We offer several different packages to tailor to your exact needs. We cover all league styles and drafting platforms.

We offer two main services for drafting. Once you select an expert they can video chat with you during your draft via screen share or you can send them your account information and let them do all the work for you. All your information is confidential and secure. We recommend the video chat option so that you can have your hand in the process and have a fun experience. However, we also know that most leagues always have someone that doesn’t make their draft and ruins the whole leagues experience. Don’t be that guy this year. We also offer pre and post draft assessments to help you plan draft strategies or to spot potential weaknesses in your roster. Let us do the work and help you win your league.

DraftPros is composed of only the best and most trusted experts in the business. We also believe in selecting friendly, interactive, and open – minded experts. Browse their profiles below and click the link to follow the prompts and see their availability. The experts will get back to you in a timely manner to make sure they get you covered for your upcoming fantasy needs.

Steve Toroni

Steve Toroni, DraftPro.

I am most known for the work I did with Fantrax for over a year writing Fantasy Football. It is there where I began the Hot Take Fantasy Football Podcast with Blake Sullivan. The Podcast has elevated us into recognizable figures in the industry. You can catch my audio work there and my articles at Gridiron Experts. 

From 2014 to 2017 I won a Fantasy Football Championship in 1 of my 2 leagues I commish every year. Last season, I won multiple Best Ball leagues and had the best record in my high stakes redraft league. I even drafted a team for a buddy in a restaurant league and he went on to win second place prizes! 

My draft philosophy: Wait on a QB and stack wide receiver and running back talent. You gotta risk it to get the biscuit! 

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Nate Hamilton

Nate Hamilton, DraftPro

Nate Hamilton (Twitter: @DomiNateFF) is a regular contributor in the fantasy football industry. He’s produced content for FantasyPros, The Fantasy Footballers, Fantasy Data, and FantraxHQ. He is the co-host of The Fantasy Tilt Podcast with Keaton Denlay. Nate is a co-author of Amazon’s #1 Best Selling “The Fantasy Football Black Book” with Joe Pisapia and is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association (FSWA).

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Blake Sullivan

Blake Sullivan, DraftPro and Founder

Blake is the Founder and CEO of TheFSGN.com and a cohost of The Hot Take Fantasy Football Podcast. He’s currently a Junior at Western Illinois University where he’s pursuing his MBA. Although he’s young he has been playing fantasy sports for nearly 10 years. His career as a sportswriter is much shorter than some experts as it’s just his second year. Blake is a huge Packers fan but promises not let team bias effect his drafting. He also enjoys fishing, golfing and baseball. 

His draft strategy is fluid and changes between years, pick number and ADP evaluation. He looks for RBs early, then looks for a couple reliable wide receivers. He might pass on the elite receivers for a solid RB, but thrives on mid-draft value at the WR position. If he can’t get a top three TE he likes to wait until later in the draft. He looks forward to working with you and talking draft strategy, good trade candidates due to inflation and all general football talk. 

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Geoff Lambert

Geoff Lambert, DraftPro

Geoff is the founder of GoingFor2.com and Co-hosts the fantasy football and DFS podcast, The Armchair Fantasy Show. He has been playing fantasy football since 1998 and has been giving fantasy advice professionally since 2015. Fun fact, Geoff’s first ever draft pick was RB Marshall Faulk.

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