2019 Fantasy Draft Review

Everybody is a fantasy football expert on draft day. Each member of your league walked away from the draft shouting about their juggernaut team, trash-talking until they were blue in the face. Well, the season’s over and all but one of you has gone radio silent.

Here we will take a round-by-round look at the 2019 fantasy draft and with a hindsight view. We’ll break down the best and worst picks in each round (based on superflex ADP on National Draft Day, of course) and we’ll help parse out who really is the best of the best on the greatest day of the year.

As a bonus, for you keeper leaguers out there, we’ll give you each round’s best keeper option to get you started on the right foot for next year’s gathering of fools. Who’s worth the round-penalty?

Round 1

Boom: #3 Christian McCaffrey

The unquestioned and unchallenged fantasy MVP on the season. I don’t want to hear any Lamar Jackson takes here. I’m right.

Bust: #6 David Johnson

DJ’s big return was nothing short of tragic. The once-great back has been replaced by Kenyan Drake, for crying out loud.

Keeper: #8 Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is and will remain a superflex stud for years to come with Andy Reid behind the play card.

Round 2

Boom: #18 Dalvin Cook

We expected something from Cook this season, but RB2 was a nice surprise for those of us that snagged him early.

Bust: #24 Andrew Luck

This retirement was the biggest surprise over the last decade of fantasy (or NFL) football. The worst part may be that it came after your draft.

Keeper: #17 Travis Kelce

Positional scarcity means even on a down year, Kelce is leaps and bounds better than nearly any other TE option.

Round 3

Boom: #25 Deshaun Watson

The QB2 on the season was drafted to be that. The rarity of a QB finishing where you expect cannot be understated.

Bust: #31 A.J. Green

We may never see A.J. Green on an NFL field again after two consecutive injuries kept him out of your lineup all year.

Keeper: #34 Marlon Mack

This young stud has shown that he can get it done behind what remains one of the best offensive lines in the league. Expect more of the same for years to come.

Round 4

Boom: #40 Derrick Henry

Henry truthers have been waiting for this for years now. Finally, it’s your time. Milk it for everything you can. If you have stuck with him this far, you’ve earned the right.

Bust: #39 Baker Mayfield

Baker and the entire Browns team shattered the hopes and dreams of fantasy players nationwide this season (to say nothing of the Dawg Pound).

Keeper: #45 Josh Jacobs

Jacobs may finish the season outside the top 10, but his flashes showed us all that he has what it takes to be a stud.

Round 5

Boom: #58 Chris Godwin

The WR2 on the season is as legit a kid as fantasy Twitter said he’d be coming into draft season.

Bust: #54 Cam Newton

The question remains, where will Cam play next season? As bad as Kyle Allen has been, the job seems to be his.

Keeper: #55 Kyler Murray

Quietly (and without many wins) Kyler is the QB7 on the year. As he and coach Kliff Kingsbury mature, Kyler’s fantasy prospects can only rise.

Round 6

Boom: #67 Cooper Kupp

Kupp was the WR2 before his injury. Since then he’s fallen to WR 42. That foes to show how rough round 6 was for fantasy owners this season. D.J. Moore makes a similar argument coming on as WR2 late in the year, but neither managed a complete season.

Bust: #72 Derrius Guice

Two more knee injuries and two more trips to the IR and I’m afraid the Guice experiment might just have failed in the NFL. **Reminder to self, don’t fall for the hype coming into next season**

Keeper: #60 D.J. Moore

Moore seems to be turning into the stud we had hoped for when he first went to the receiver-starved Carolina Panthers. The momentum he’s built over this last half-season should carry nicely into next season.

Round 7

Boom: #83 Lamar Jackson

Jackson has proven all of his doubters wrong and until NFL defenses catch up, he’s THE man to own.

Bust: #80 Corey Davis

You might be surprised to hear that Davis had only 9 fewer catches on the year than teammate A.J. Brown. But when Tajae Sharpe doubles your touchdown count, you can safely hang it up.

Keeper: #83 Lamar Jackson

A QB of this caliber this late in the game does not happen every year. Please take advantage.

Round 8

Boom: #85 Kirk Cousins

Boom might be a stretch for what was a tough round this year. But Captain Kirk got it together and as a second QB provided a reasonable floor with a handful of 3+ touchdown games for you.

Bust: #94 Dante Pettis

I don’t think we’ve ever seen such offseason hype fall so flat. Pettis saw all of 9 snaps over the last 7 weeks of the season and saw his last catch on Halloween.

Keeper: #90 Christian Kirk

This offense offers so much fantasy potential and Kirk has established himself as an integral piece of its future.

Round 9

Boom: #99 Josh Allen

Allen ends the year as the QB6 and he did it with an incredible 9 touchdowns on the ground (bonus as those count for more fantasy points in standard-scoring leagues).

Bust: #100 Vance McDonald

The Vance Dance never got off the ground in a season that saw a lot of struggle in Steel Town.

Keeper: #99 Josh Allen

He continues to improve along with his team. Watch more weapons land in Buffalo and watch Allen continue to put the fantasy points on the board.

Round 10

Boom: #113 Austin Hooper

You have legitimate bragging rights if you stumbled into one of the TE surprises of the year as Hooker dominated the position.

Bust: #114 Marquez Valdes-Scantling

The question remains. Who is the number two for Aaron Rodgers? Is it Lazard? Allison? Time will tell, but I can say with confidence, it isn’t MVS.

Keeper: #111 Courtland Sutton

Despite shaky QB play all season, Sutton did his thing. He finished top 20 at the position and as Drew Lock grows, I expect Sutton to bloom as the physical freak on the field.

Round 11

Boom: #132 Emmanuel Sanders

This feels misleading as having Sanders on your team didn’t mean much most weeks, but if you started him in any of his 5 boomers, you bathed in those glorious victories.

Bust: #130 Marcus Mariota

Mariota will have a nice long career as a clipboard jockey in the NFL. All hail Ryan Tannehill A.K.A. The Brady Beater.

Keeper: #121 D.K. Metcalf

Metcalf showed the flashes of brilliance all of his predraft supporters were hoping for and late in the season, Russell Wilson started looking his way. This could be something.

Round 12

Boom: #141 Austin Ekeler

Maybe the best pick of the entire draft this season, Austin Ekeler as the RB2 while Melvin Gordon sat out. Better than that, with Gordon on the field, Ekeler maintained the RB8. Just incredible. Fingers crossed he lands on the right team next season.

Bust: #140 Devin Funchess

You can’t predict injuries, but even those that drafted Funchess did so with their butt cheeks clenched and their fingers crossed. At least you didn’t pay much.

Keeper: #144 Mecole Hardman

The target count leaves something to be desired, but Hardman’s 6 touchdowns made him a daily fantasy play all year. Put any young, speedy receiver with good hands on a Patrick Mahomes team, and I’ll keep him at this price.

Round 13

Boom: #149 Mark Andrews

The surprise was that Andrews fell this far with all of his hype going into draft day. His TE4 finish and league-leading 10 touchdowns. Less of a surprise to those in the know.

Bust: #155 Dion Lewis

Oof. You probably saw this coming when Henry found his footing at the end of last season, but you had to draft Lewis anyway, just in case. I say again, at least you didn’t pay much.

Keeper: #152 Deebo Samuel

This year’s rookie receiver class did some great things on the fantasy field, but Deebo Samuel’s WR6 finish over his last 8 games, may be the most promising of them all.

Round 14

Boom: #162 DeVante Parker

Rarely does a 5th-year receiver finally find his footing, but take anybody out from under Adam Gase and good things happen. After his week 5 bye, Parker placed as the WR2 behind only the great Michael Thomas.

Bust: #159 Nick Foles

Another oof here. I’d like to blame it all on the injury, but Foles had his chance and pooped all over the bed with it. His Cinderella story seems all but over. At least he got paid before the ride ended.

Keeper: #161 Devin Singletary

Devin Singletary did everything you could ask for this year except that one thing. Score touchdowns. Gore got in his ay at the goal line. As the most elusive back in the league, it’s only a matter of time (or retirement) before he gets the goalline work and sets the world on fire. Hold on to him with a vice grip.

Round 15

Boom: #169 Duke Johnson

He may not have been what you hoped for after Lamar Miller went down, but the RB 32 in the 15th round counts as a big win in my book.

Bust: #175 Robert Foster

3 catches on the year is insane after Foster came on at the end of last season and performed for the Bills.

Keeper: #178 Alexander Mattison

Touted all year as THE handcuff to own, Mattison may never have shined, but show me a guy that got more value in trade this fantasy season and I’ll show you bridge to nowhere.Paragraph


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