Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds Week 14

The last two weeks have been brutal on surviving fantasy players. If injuries were a problem going into week 14, they are a downright catastrophe coming out of the week. We’re here to help you make sense of it all, to pick the right replacement players, and to pick up right where you left, dominating your fantasy playoffs.

AJ Brown – WR – Tennessee Titans

Week 14 marked the second week in the last three that Brown managed more than 130 yards and at least one touchdown. While his target numbers have been consistent since Ryan Tannehill took the helm in Tennessee, his target share has increased from 17% before their week 11 bye to 24% since. Tannehill is starting to trust Brown more and more and last week’s performance will certainly help bolster that even further. Two plus matchups remain for Brown and the Titans with Houston (top half-matchup) and New Orleans (top 5 matchup). Get him, start him, win with him.

FAAB Spend – All of it (what are you saving up for?)

Darius Slayton – WR – New York Giants

Slayton has made a season out of filing in for the oft-injured receivers for the Giants. In recent weeks, we’ve gotten to see how he’d hold up with the full complement on the field. The jury has returned, and it looks good for the rookie. Not only does Slayton lead his team in targets, catches, yards, and touchdowns on the year; not only did he put up an insane first half with Eli Manning behind center in week 14; not only does he lead all skilled position players on his team in fantasy points this season; Darius Slayton is second among all wide receivers in fantasy points per game since week 10. With Miami and Washington ahead on the Giants schedule, it doesn’t matter who is throwing the ball, Slayton is a MUST OWN in your fantasy playoffs.

FAAB Spend – All of it (what are you saving up for?)

Raheem Mostert – RB – San Francisco 49ers

Over the last four weeks, Raheem Mostert has put his stamp on the starting job in San Francisco. He’s led the backfield in snap count three of those four weeks, including posting an impressive 74% and 60% in the last two respective. By contrast, no other back has been on the field for more than 18% for the Niners in those bouts. I know it’s hard to trust a back in Shanahan’s system for ling, but with Coleman and Breida feeling the strain of a season, It’s time to trust Mostert. He’s on the field, he’s getting the work (he’s the only back to touch the ball in the red zone at all in the last two weeks), and he gets Atlanta in week 15. Mostert will dominate in your flex this week and bring you to the promised land.

FAAB Spend – 70-80% (just hedging my bet a little, here)

Patrick Laird – RB – Miami Dolphins

If there’s a back to own in Miami, it’s undrafted rookie Patrick Laird. Since week 10 Laird had been making a place for himself in the backfield there. His snap percentages are as follows:

  • Week 10 – 12%
  • Week 11 – 23%
  • Week 12 – 37%
  • Weel 13 – 60%
  • Week 14 – 82%

The last two weeks are in large part due to injury as Ballage was placed on the IR after getting hurt in week 13, but the writing seemed to be on the wall for a team that has struggled to find a worthy running back all season. Laird is a do-it-all kind of back that can carry, catch, and pass block. He’s gotten his feet under him in this, his rookie season, and there’s no reason to think he’s not firmly in place as the lead back there with only fellow rookie Myles Gaskin, Zach Zenner, and De’Lance Turner behind him on the depth chart. In week 14 he seems to have disappointed, but only Leonard Fournette and Ezekiel Elliot managed more combined yards against the Jets number one rush defense than Laird since their week five bye. With the Giants and Bengals up next, you should feel more than confident rolling out the young gun.

FAAB Spend – All of it (what are you saving up for?)

David Njoku – TE – Cleveland Browns

I’ll keep this short. Cleveland is impossible to trust. Njoku has only just returned from injury. No tight end on this team has gone for even 35 yards since their bye. BUT…

Njoku gets Arizona this week and they make everything okay for the tight end position. No guts, no glory, go get him, start him and either win like a barrel-chested shirtless man holding a bald eagle on top of a mountain made of his opponent’s blood, bones, and dried tears or lose and get laughed at for starting Njoku in your semifinals all offseason long. Your call.

FAAB Spend – I honestly don’t have it in me to even suggest a dollar amount here.

Calvin Ridley is done for the year with an abdominal injury. Up next?

Russell Gage V Christian Blake V Olamide Zaccheaus – WRs – Atlanta Falcon

Ridley leaves a big hole on this team as he commanded 17% of the target share and 27% of the team’s red-zone target share. And this is a team that throws the ball more than anyone else in the league. Over the last few weeks, three players threw their names in the hat to take the bulk of those away. Though only three targets on the season, Zaccheaus can be written off completely. This fight comes down to Gage and Blake and they both have a case.

Russell Gage has been second in team targets on four of the last five games and has scored more times than Julio Jones in that stretch. While he won’t actually replace Ridley on the field, rather he’ll stay in the slot where he’s played since the Mohamed Sanu trade, Gage does look to take more of those targets away. The best part of Gage’s fantasy outlook likes in the red zone. Gage leads the team in red-zone targets. Go ahead, fact check that. I’ll wait. Gage is the only receiver on this team to have at least one red-zone target in each of the last five weeks.

Christian Blake, on the other hand, has a shot at taking the starting spot opposite Julio Jones to close out the season. Blake hasn’t done much in the box score this season, but going into the week 14 game, Blake had put together two consecutive games with nine targets each. That’s not nothing.

Decision – Russell Gage (unless you want the ultimate glory play)

FAAB Spend – All of it (what are you saving up for?)

Mike Evans is done for the season with a hamstring. Up next?

Breshad Perriman V Justin Watson V Scott Miller – WRs – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As a fellow Bowling Green State University alum, I fucking love Scotty Miller. He’s amazing. Unfortunately, he is staring down the barrel of two athletic freaks ahead of him. Waston is 6’2” and has a 91st percentile SPARQ-x score. Perriman, also 6’ 2” ran a 4.30 in his 40-yard dash, giving him a 99th percentile speed score. These guys are nuts.

Last week, with Evans out, it was Watson that stepped up, garnering and finding the end zone for a score. Unfortunately, those eight targets bring Watson’s season total to 10 and his five catches bring his two-year career total to seven. He may be the guy, but it is tough to trust such a small sample.

Perriman, on the other hand, has been a relatively consistent number three option on the team yearlong. Lately, he’s been more involved, averaging 4.5 targets and nearly 50 yards over the last six weeks. In the last two, he’s gone for 87 and 70 yards and scored once. This one’s easy and next week in Detroit, you have a chance to capitalize in a big way.

Decision – Breshad Perriman

FAAB Spend – All of it (what are you saving up for?)

Mark Andrews is questionable with a knee on a short week. Up next?

Nick Boyle V Hayden Hurst – TEs – Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson loves his tight ends. It may be the only thing he learned from Joe Flacco last year. All three of these guys have scored multiple touchdowns on the season. Mar Andrews leads the league in the category. But he’s gone and somebody will have to step into his shoes.

Nick Boyle is a blocking stud and as such has seen nearly twice the snaps of either Hurt or Andrews on the season. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll take the receiving lead in week 14, though. His 37 targets are only five more than Hurst’s on the year and he’s last of the three in red-zone looks. That could have something to do with his 5.04 40-time (3rd percentile in the league). Both Andrews and Hurst ran 4.67. It is hard to ignore his snap count, though.

Hurst was drafted last season to be a pass catcher and playmaker. His 61-yard touchdown catch last week showed just what he can do for this team.    

Both of these guys look to have some potential should Andrews miss this week, but that potential will be short-lived as a bruised knee won’t keep the league’s leading TE scorer out for long. So who do they get to face in that one-week shot-to-shine? The New York Jets only the Ravens themselves are tougher against fantasy tight ends than the Jets. They’ve given up exactly one game of over 60 yards receiving to the position (they average 37), only two touchdowns, and have given up only two games of more than 8 fantasy points.

Decision – Neither can be trusted. Go with Njoku

FAAB Spend – N/A

Derrius Guice out (probably for the season) with an MCL sprain. Up Next?

Adrian Peterson V Chris Thompson – RBs – Washington Redskins

On the surface, this looks like a very easy choice. AP has been the lead back in Washington most of the season and has been serviceable. Why mess with something that (kind of) works?

The answer is simple, AP is limited in what he can do. Yes, he’s old, but more than that; for all his size and strength, Peterson has NEVER been a good pass blocker or pass catcher. Thompson, on the other hand, has an elite pass game skillset. He’s been among the best in the league is both protection and receiving ability for years. If he’d have managed to play a whole season, you might know that already. The coaching staff sure does. Thompson has only played seven full games this season. He led the running back snap count in six of those (getting edged out by two last week by AP). The bottom line is, he can stay on the field because he can do everything.

It’s Thompson’s pass-catching ability that makes him stand out as a real option here. He is eighth among all backs in targets per game and fourth in yards per reception. Washington’s next two opponents, the Eagles and the Giants have been stout against the run in the second half of the season, but both struggle against pass-catching backs. Thompson himself has 125 yards receiving against them already this season. His biggest issue is that he hasn’t yet found the endzone in 2019.

Peterson, while a significantly better ball carrier, hasn’t been scoring well, either. Three touchdowns on the season is lackluster, at best for a guy with 150 plus carries. While it is promising that two of those came in the last two weeks, they were against two of the worst rushing defenses in the league. It really comes down to your opportunity preference, here. While Thompson will get the snaps and the targets, Peterson leads him 33 to 3 in rushing attempts over the last two weeks (and 20 to 0 last week).

Decision – Chris Thompson (play the matchups, people)

FAAB Spend – 30-40% (you won’t need much more)

Josh Jacobs is dealing with a broken shoulder. Up next?

Deandre Washington V Jalen Richard – RBs – Oakland Raiders

Washington led teammate Jalen Richard both on the ground with a 14/7 carry count and through the air with a 7/3 target count. Washington was the hot hand on Sunday and with Josh Jacobs getting an MRI on his broken shoulder and Jacksonville’s third-worst rush defense in the league on the slate, there is no reason he won’t be able to keep that momentum going into week 15.

Decision – Deandre Washington

FAAB Spend – 25-30%

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