I was hoping for another top-3 finish coming into this week and I got my wish.  I ended up in 3rd place with 151.26 points.

Keenan Allen was a BOSS; his 13 receptions, 183 yards and 2 TDs hauled in 37.10 points for the home team.  That stat line got a lot of people paid in DFS this past weekend.  And Sterling Shepard blew up as well, putting up 7 receptions for 100 yards and a TD, good for 23.10 points.

Patrick Mahomes did what Patrick Mahomes typically does, but this running back situation is not looking good.  Derrick Henry placed as the top-scoring back on my roster with 11.10 points; his TD saved a pretty craptastic Thursday night performance. But I was surprised to see Kenyan Drake up there.  Not that Drake isn’t talented or incapable of putting up numbers, because he is easily the Dolphins’ most talented offensive player. The problem is Brian Flores refuses to give the man the rock. Drake has only had 17 touches through the first two weeks; he’d rather run Kalen Ballage into the back of the offensive line for 1.3 yards per.

The problem is Drake FINALLY got some run and literally fumbled away his opportunity.  He had a costly fumble in the red zone against the Cowboys that took away a possible scoring opportunity.  He ended the day with 44 rushing yards and 3 receptions for 34 yards, good for a measly 7.30 points. You know you got problems at running back when your 2nd-highest scoring RB is in single-digit points.   Peyton Barber and James Conner combined for a total of 12.20 points so they were no help whatsoever.

Larry Fitzgerald got 12.10 points of 5 receptions for 36 yards; his TD catch salvaged an otherwise pedestrian performance.  Kliff Kingsbury seemed to want to dink-and-dunk his way down the field against the Panthers instead of being aggressive and it hurt the passing game numbers. Tyler Boyd had only 9.70 points off 6 receptions for 67 yards.  It took him forever to get going, as Andy Dalton had less than 100 yards at halftime of their game against Buffalo.  I was lucky to get what I got from him.

Greg Olsen put up the 4th most points on my squad this week with 22.50.  He was a stud this week, putting up 2 TDs along with 6 receptions for 75 yards.  Having Kyle Allen starting did not hurt his production.  I needed it this week, because Mark Andrews was pathetic.  Despite having 7 targets, Andrews only caught 3 passes for 15 yards.

The first place person widened his lead by 6 points, so I fell back 17 points, but I’m still almost 30 points ahead of the third place person.  So I’ve got a solid cushion in that 2nd place spot. That’s a good place to be heading into week 4 and the byes. 

Jamison Crowder and Marquise Goodwin are on byes this week; Tevin Coleman is hurt, but he’s on a bye as well.  With Ben Roethlisberger and Jerick McKinnon already gone for the year, there isn’t going to be a lot of options for scoring.  More than likely, I’ll have the same guys as the top scorers again this week, with the exception of Conner slipping back into one of the top-2 scoring RB spots. Conner is due for at least a double-digit performance against the Bengals and their 31st ranked defense against the run.  Game script has led to teams amassing huge leads against the Bengals and running the ball late; I don’t see this game as being a blowout, but I do see Conner having success running and catching passes out of the backfield.

I expect Shepard to have another good game in what should be a shootout with the Redskins; Daniel Jones seems like he’s a gunslinger, and is looking to spread the ball to him and Evan Engram. I also expect Boyd to return to double-digit points against Pittsburgh.  I’ll need as much help as possible to get through this week.