The results are in for this week, and thanks to points from a couple of unexpected sources, I ended with the most points in week 2 with 144.72.

As you can see, Mahomes did his usual damage, even though he got off to rough start against the Raiders.  Derrick Henry and Keenan Allen did their thing as well.  I mentioned last week that I’d need Tyler Boyd to step up and he did in big fashion, catching all 10 of his targets for 10 receptions and 122 yards. He should continue to put up numbers as long as AJ Green is out.

I expected Marquise Goodwin to rebound from a stale 1st week and catch a TD, and he delivered.  He ended up with 3 receptions and 77 yards and a TD.  He is shaping up to be a boom-or-bust guy so far, but hopefully that changes as the season progresses.  He’s the elder statesman at WR on a team full of young receivers, so he should get more than the 3 targets a game he’s getting.

Mark Andrews was a sleeper I identified during training camp as a guy that was going to produce, and so far he has done just that.  He put up 21.20 points, his 2nd straight week of scoring more than 20 points.  I drafted this guy at 9.6 and he’s currently the highest scoring TE in fantasy, despite playing only 47% of the snaps.  The snap count is a little concerning at this point, but it seems like when he’s on the field, there’s a good chance he’s running routes and getting passes thrown his way.

Peyton Barber and Greg Olsen are two players whose production surprised me.  I was expecting James Conner to be the other high-scoring RB most weeks, but he injured his knee versus the Seahawks and didn’t finish the game.  Barber went for 82 yards on 23 carries and even caught a pass for 7 yards.  That’s excellent volume compared to the 10 total touches he had in week 1.  Maybe the Bucs have found their starting RB.

Olsen once again was 3rd in targets on the team with 9, catching 8 balls for 112 yards and a TD.  That was good enough to get into the flex spot.  He’s had 9 targets in both games and I’m loving his involvement with the team right now; I’m hoping his body can hold up all season.

I outscored last week’s winner by just over 20 points, so I’m firmly in 2nd place, only 11 points back.  The 3rd place contender is over 37 points back at 263.22; it’s still a LOT of football to be played, but so far it’s shaping up to be a 2-horse race.

I ended last week’s article by saying the team with the fewest injuries will probably end up winning this thing.  Unfortunately for me, another player went down.  Ben Roethlisberger is lost for the season to undergo Tommy John surgery on his right elbow.  So I’m going into week 3 with 2 players already lost for the season.  Fortunately, that depth I talked about during the BB draft is helping keep me in the fight.  Even though Tevin Coleman is going to be out for several more weeks, Sterling Shepard and Jordan Reed should return.  And Conner is projected to play as well, since he’s looked good in practice yesterday.  Plus, I’ve still got Brady in the wings as another QB.  Had I only drafted 2 QBs, I’d be screwed when Mahomes’ bye week rolls around, or even worse if Mahomes were to get injured.  ALWAYS get 3 QBs when you do BB drafts!  You need as many healthy bodies as possible in each position to give you the best chance to put up numbers. 

Week 3 will bring us a shootout between Mahomes and Lamar Jackson; the 1st place person has Jackson as one of his/her QBs, so that’ll be interesting.  I’m expecting Jamison Crowder to be inconsistent with the 3rd string QB out there slinging passes to him, but with Shepard coming back, he should get volume behind Evan Engram if Daniel Jones can show any kind of competence.  Jordan Reed should get some love as well, since Vernon Davis has 11 targets up to this point, which is 4th on the team.  A healthy Reed is much better than Davis, so the volume should be there.

36-year old Larry Fitzgerald is putting up very good numbers in Kliff Kingsbury’s system.  He’s been targeted 15 times over the past two weeks and put up over 100 yards in both games.  He’s even had two 40+ yard receptions in each game.  Dude is playing like he’s 10 years younger.  He’ll be a consistent threat to put up double-digit points each week, which is a requirement to stay near the top of the leaderboard.

Week 3 starts tonight!  This is the last week before the byes start up, so I’m hopeful my guys can put up another top-3 week in points so I stay near the top of the leader board.