Five Controversial Fantasy Baseball IL Hitter Stash Candidates

Discussing Five Hitters Currently On The IL And Where or If You Should Stash Them.

By Mike Kurland /@Mike_Kurland on Twitter

Is it just me or does this year feel like we’ve had more injuries to bigger name players than usual? It’s been a rough start to the year for sure. The good news is you can see the light at the end of the tunnel for a ton of players. Nevertheless, I’m not here to discuss the guys set to return soon. I’m going to discuss some guys who have some long term absences and give thoughts on what to do with these guys. There are quite a few big name players that have gone down just before season has began or as recent as this week. I have chosen five controversial IL hitter stashes to discuss. Why are they controversial? Well, that’s because you may have a lot of players hurt and keeping a spot available for them may be difficult. They may even be dropped in your leagues and might be someone you now have the opportunity to grab and stash off the waiver wire. Should you take the chance and hold onto them? Should cut bait and move on? Hopefully I can help you decide on what you should to do.

The names on this list I have seen dropped in some of my own leagues or I have had questions addressed to me about them on Twitter, so I decided it was best to address these players for everyone.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Scooter Gennett

Scooter Gennett was a target for middle infield in mid rounds this season. He then sustained a pretty significant groin injury prior to the start of the season. He has since been dropped in a ton of leagues and it has become hard to hold onto him as injuries have continued to pile up for fantasy teams. Gennett was originally projected to miss 8-to-12 weeks when he was diagnosed with a strained right groin. He was placed on he 60-Day IL and is first eligible to return May 27. It appears he will not be able to return when first eligible. With the ball appearing to be juiced, outside of his good batting average, his skill set isn’t something that is really sought after. If you’ve been fortunate to avoid injuries this year and have an IL spot to utilize then he’s not a terrible stash. I don’t think he’s a must stash player and if he’s on the waiver wire I’d wait another week or 2 before adding him to my roster if I could. One thing he does have going for him is that 2B has been and remains one of the weaker positions and if you are indeed in need of a 2B then by all means get him on your team. You will need to remain patient because, again, you’re looking at at least month or longer until he’s back.

VERDICT: He isn’t a must stash player and would only hold onto him if I had IL spots to burn in a 12 team league. Anything deeper than 12 team leagues he’s a good stash candidate and I’m more likely to make room for him in those leagues.

Didi Gregorius

Didi had one of the hottest starts to last season and was a big name add and trade asset early on. His season ultimately ended up derailed by injury. He got Tommy John and has been out for the start of the season so far. The thought on the injury is that he could return anytime from late May to sometime in July and it still seems just as vague. There are positive reports and signs indicating he’s progressing well and there’s a chance he’s back in early June. The main issue with Didi is that shortstop is one of the deepest positions in fantasy and I doubt anyone in need of a shortstop on their teams. If you are struggling in power categories or if need a MI you could do worse but be mindful of the fact he still likely a 3 weeks to a month away.

VERDICT: He isn’t a must stash player and, just like Gennett, I would only hold onto him if I had IL spots to burn in 12 team leagues. In a 15 team leagues or deeper I think he’s worthy of a stash. To reiterate, he’s a fringe 12 team stash.

Justin Upton

Justin Upton is currently on the 60-Day IL and he has already been ruled out until at least early June due to turf toe. Upton feels like a safe player year in and year out and you typically know what to expect from him. He has a good power bat with a few steals sprinkled in. He won’t win you a league but definitely won’t lose you a league. If you drafted him pre injury then this has been tough to deal with but if he’s been dropped or you drafted him post injury then he’s someone you should continue to stash. He may be a player to target in trades in the next week or 2 before news of him getting back into baseball activities start being reported. If he’s available on your waiver wire I’d make a point to try and find a spot on your roster. He’s a solid and safe player and he’s a guy I’m holding onto if I have him on my roster.

VERDICT: Stash in all leagues 12 teams and larger. Fringe 10 team stash but would still try to make room if he was available.

A.J. Pollock

This wouldn’t be a list if it didn’t include the one, the only, Mr. Pollock.
This guy cannot catch a break. This wasn’t even a new injury. This is an infection in a previously repaired elbow from surgery. Well, this is a long term injury and there’s no way around it. He is on a six-week antibiotic regimen for the infection and beyond that, he needs to heal from the surgery itself. Reports are he’s expected to be back this year but it’s is difficult to figure out when exactly. There’s always a chance for further set backs with infection as well. The six-weeks alone puts him out until at least mid June and that’s before getting back into baseball activities. We’d be lucky to get him back by start of the second half it seems and even that feels me.

VERDICT: I’d drop if I didn’t have IL spots open. 10 team leagues I’d have no issue dropping and as of now he’s even a fringe 12 team stash. I’m still likely to stash in 15 team leagues but I wouldn’t force it.

Aaron Judge

This one is a stretch to call controversial. This is more of a reminder (probably an unnecessary one) that this guy is a stud and this injury is just unfortunate. He has a grade 2 lat strain which is likely holding him out until the second half. Now might be the time to buy low if possible. If he’s on a team struggling in the standings he might be obtainable for a cheap price compared his typical cost. I expect him to come back and be who we know him to be. He’s worth the stash and there’s no doubt about it.

VERDICT: Must stash. Don’t over think this one.

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