FFD260 Rankings Roundtable: QB

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Join us for a special four-part mini-series – The FFD260 Redraft Rankings Roundtables. This is the first of four episodes. In this episode, Seth (@FFatHomeDad), Cigs (@Cigs247) and Etan (@Goal2Goalpost) breakdown FFD260’s Consensus QB Redraft Rankings providing insights into why each QB landed where they did. We planned to get to TEs this episode also but will have to make that the next installment! Stay tuned for TEs, WRs, and RBs, all coming up in the next few weeks with more writers each time. Be sure to check us out on Twitter at @FFD260 and online at http://www.FFDynasty260.com , and check out our rankings at http://www.ffdynasty260.com/redraft-rankings/ … Thanks for listening!




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