Russell Wilson vs. Cam Newton


With the National Football League (NFL) fantasy football season upon us, it seems like the perfect time to answer the question: Who’s the better quarterback, Russell Wilson or Cam Newton?

Since being selected with the 12th pick in the third round (75th overall) of the 2012 NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson has been the most valuable player on his team. He has thrown for 22,176 yards and 161 touchdowns while rushing for 3,275 yards and 16 touchdowns. Wilson alone has accounted for 75 percent of the Seattle offense. In 2018, Wilson accumulated 4,569 of the 5,286 (86 percent) total offensive yards for the Seahawks. He did all of this with the 32nd ranked offensive line in the NFL, who in 2017 surrendered 43 sacks, according to . In five of the six seasons Wilson has been under center for Seattle, he has been sacked over 40 times each season, with the exception of the 2012 season when he was sacked 33 times.

Cam Newton, unlike Russell Wilson, was selected first overall by the Carolina Panthers in the 2011 NFL draft. By the time Wilson was drafted by the Seahawks, Newton had finished his rookie season. Since 2012, Newton has thrown for 21,023 yards and 137 touchdowns while rushing for 3,614 yards and 40 touchdowns. He has, like Wilson, accounted for 75 percent of the Panthers offense since 2012. In 2018, Newton accumulated 4,056 of the 5,179 (78 percent) total offensive yards for the Panthers. He did all of this with the 17th ranked offensive line in the NFL, according to Further, he has been the team’s second leading rusher each year since 2012.

Head-to-Head: In regular season head-to-head matchups, Newton has one win and four losses against Russell Wilson. He has thrown for 888 yards, three touchdowns and a completion rating of 52 percent. Wilson on the other hand has thrown for 1,258 yards, five touchdowns and a completion rating of 69 percent.

Advantage: Wilson

Super Bowls: Cam Newton has one Super Bowl appearance and lost 24 to 10 against the Denver Broncos. Russell Wilson has two Super Bowl appearances in six years. He won his first appearance defeating the Denver Broncos and lost his second Super Bowl to the New England Patriots.

Advantage: Wilson

When you take a closer look at all of the data, the choice is clear. However, we’re talking about two of the best mobile quarterbacks in the NFL. I’m of the opinion that if you put Russell Wilson behind a much better offensive line his statistics would be even better than Newton’s. There’s no shame in saying Russell Wilson is the better of the two quarterbacks.

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